Free Cryptocurrency

Earning Free Cryptocurrency

The best way to earn free cryptocurrency is using coin faucets. These websites give their users free cryptocurrency for creating traffic on their websites, thus making money with publicity.

bitcoin-2136339_1280These sites can seem quite sketchy at first because they are jam packed with ads everywhere. Don’t worry, they are a tried and true method of earning free cryptocurrency, the ads are the only way for the faucets to be profitable. One important thing to remember is not to use ad-blockers, as these will make you ineligible to receive your rewards.

Best Cryptocurrency Faucets

There are many cryptocurrency faucets on  the internet, but the easiest and the most profitable way we have found to use as many faucets as possible without having to manage a lot of different accounts is the following.


How to Register For Free Cryptocurrency

First, go ahead and create an account on CoinPot , this will allow you to manage all your free cryptocurrency faucet claims in this single account.

All your faucet claims will be credited to your coinpot account immediately and automatically.

All you have to do is register to these faucets with the same email as the one you used for Coin Pot. The websites might trigger you McAfee web security if you are on chrome, but don’t worry, we have used them for years without any problems.

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet


Bit Fun Faucet

Moon Bitcoin Faucet

Moon Litecoin Faucet

Moon Dash Faucet

Moon Dogecoin Faucet

After registering to these 6 websites, all you have to do is save the addresses in your favorites and go claim your free coins as often as you want. The more often you go, the more coins you are going to collect.


Some of these faucets also have special offers like surveys and subscriptions which will give you bigger coin rewards. If you do offers and collect your coins regularly, you can expect to make a couple hundred US dollars worth of coins every month.

To take the coins off of Coin Pot, the way we prefer is to convert every coin earned to litecoin (which has no withdrawal fees on coinpot) and then send these coins to an exchange like Binance to swap them or add them to your existing coins.