TRON Activates its Mainnet


TRON (TRX), the tenth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $2.7 billion, announced that its mainnet the TRON Foundation called “Independence Day” was activated on June 25, reported Cointelegraph.

TRON’s developers took almost four weeks for the mainnet transition period in order to make sure investors successfully moved their ERC-20 tokens into the new network. TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, announced the activation of the mainnet in a tweet:

The TRON Foundation developed a channel for the community and stakeholders in order for them to be able to access the latest information and development of the “Independent Day” through a 12-hour livestream starting at 10 am on June 25 and available on Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, and Yizhibo.

TRON gave out “a small number of TRX during the 12-hr livestream so the members of the TRON community could test the different features of TRON mainnet,”according to a blog post.

TRON previously expressed that its internal tests had demonstrated that the network is “400 times faster” than Ethereum, so the release of its mainnet will prove if it is truly faster and more effective than Ethereum to support decentralized application (DApp) development.





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