Moscow Stock Exchange Is Developing a System That Will Allow Companies to Conduct ICOs


The Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) is developing a system that will allow companies to conduct initial coin offerings (ICOs), reported Reuters on June 7.

Alexander Afanasyev, the company’s CEO, expressed that the project will be launched this year.

He explained,

“We are now developing projects, creating the basic infrastructure in order to be able to display companies on the ICO, in order to be able to display tokens, so that this token would be described – which is now missing at all those sites that offer this kind of services. This is a project of this year.”

The exchange will not be listing tokens but it will be providing the token’s issuer conditions and obligations and will give ICO information for investors.

Afanasyev added,

“While we are looking at this from the point of view of the currency currencies, because we do not have the status of a legally protected asset, if it appears, they will also appear in the system. […] Now we are conducting a more accurate marketing research to determine the interest not only in the products themselves, it is, and very large, but what kind of contract can be structured, and what kind of futures specification can there be, and what exactly?”

At the end of May, two Russian institutions announced it will test a regulatory ICO platform.

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