Baidu Launches a Blockchain Game


Baidu, a China-based search giant, expressed that it launches a blockchain game dubbed Du Yuzhou meaning “The Universe” in literal translation, reported Coindesk on June 8.

The game is powered by blockchain and users will receive “elements” to build their own planet by participating in the game. The elements are comparable to tokens generated by a blockchain and will first be available through airdrops. Users will be able to develop their own planets as they accumulate more and more elements, and it will enhance its capacity to obtain more elements, which will unlock additional features for them.

A Baidu representative mentioned that the main purpose of the game is to allow users to experience features that could emerge from cryptocurrency-like assets, besides the trading aspect of cryptocurrencies.

“Du Yuzhou is not to launch another cryptocurrency, but a digital society experiment,” he said.

The app is expected to be available to the public by next week but no further details have been published concerning on which blockchain the game is built.

The search giant also announced at the end of May that it will use blockchain to record entries’ revision histories.



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