Denmark Has Signed a Declaration to Join the EU Blockchain Partnership


Denmark announced that it has signed a declaration to join the EU Blockchain Partnership, which is composed of 24 European countries and aims to establish blockchain standards and solutions, reported local news outlet Finans Watch on June 4.

The EU Blockchain Partnership was officially formed at the beginning of April with 22 nations that signed a declaration in order to enhance the communication between EU nations to help the development of the blockchain technology.

The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen, mentioned that its country will be the first to use blockchain for shipping.

He expressed,

“As the first country in the world, we will use blockchain technology for registering ships in the Danish registries. […] Blockchain goes across borders, and a joint European cooperation is crucial to ensure future-proof standards and solutions. So I’m very pleased that we have now signed this declaration.”

Mikkelsen also noted that the Government Disruption Council will also discuss on how the blockchain technology can help solve business challenges.




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