Asus Announces New Mining Master Motherboard Supporting 20 GPUs


Asus announces new mining master motherboard, which is supporting 20 graphics cards (GPUs), according to a press release published on May 30.

The new H370 Mining Master motherboard is a follow-up of the ASUS B250 Mining Expert, which was released last year and had a great success with a sales volume that far exceeded expectation. The success comes from the increasing demands for GPUs from cryptocurrency miners in the last year.

Asus “redefined the formula for a second generation” with a concept designated particularly for “what miners need”. The new master motherboard “simplifies connectivity by letting USB riser cables plug directly into the PCB, and reduces downtime by making problems easier to diagnose.”

The price for Asus’ new products has not been revealed yet but the company confirmed that it will be available in North America starting in Q3 2018. The company will first unveil its “blockchain behemoth” at┬áComputex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Asus stated in the announcement,

“Less time maintaining your machine means more time mining with it, which is why the H370 Mining Master includes a suite of diagnostic features designed to make your platform easier to manage.”


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