Search Giant Baidu Uses Blockchain to Record Entries’ Revision Histories


China-based search giant Baidu Baike is now using blockchain to record entries’ revision histories in order to bring transparency and traceability to the online market, reported Coindesk on May 29.

Baidu is an equivalent to Wikipedia but has not announced the news yet. However, the online search service already shows every item’s previous revisions since they are recorded with an exclusive hash value on a blockchain.

A Baidu’s representative expressed that the blockchain feature will first be visible publicly on Monday but the hashes might have started in the previous week.

The hashed data is not accessible since the service is offered on Baidu’s own blockchain platform. It is impossible to determine precisely which of a revision’s details are being recorded.

A Baidu spokesperson mentioned that the ultimate goal of this move is to ensure the online search service’s credibility by making editing accessible for everyone just like Wikipedia.

Baidu Baike serves principally the Chinese community since Wikipedia is blocked in the country.






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