Blockshow’s Blockchain Industry Leaders Poll’s Winners Announced


Blockshow’s Europe 2018 blockchain industry leaders poll’s winner were announced and the vote was conducted on a blockchain-based voting app called Polys, reported Cointelegraph on May 28.

Blockshow’s 2018 poll gave the opportunity to supporter form all around the world to vote for the woman and the company they believe that has the biggest impact on the European blockchain sphere. A total of 2000 votes was received for a shortlist featuring 15 nominees for each category.

Dr Quy Vo-Reinhard, the Chief Data Officer and co-founder of the HIT Foundation is the woman that received the most votes and won the contest. The Health Information Traceability (HIT) Foundation is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace allowing people to digitize and monetize their health information, as well as tracing its usage.

Vo-Reinhard expressed,

“I believe the blockchain can bring a bright future to the global community. I was born in a country where, 40 years ago, a majority of people believed women belonged in the kitchen. I feel that I’ve come a long way: being here, speaking, and receiving an award for what I’m doing for women in tech and at the HIT Foundation is amazing. I suggest next year there should be a category for men, too — we all work really hard in this industry. It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with capability and performance.”

Bitfury, which is one of the largest infrastructure providers in the global cryptocurrency space, is the winner for the game-changing EU blockchain company.

The CEO of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov mentioned,

“Bitfury is grateful for this show of support. We work hard every day to develop and advance blockchain solutions for governments, businesses and institutions that make life better for people – in Europe and around the world. We are more committed than ever to bringing this game-changing technology to life.”




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