US Transport Giant Joins the Blockchain in Transport Alliance


The U.S. transport giant Norfolk Southern Corp. announced it joins the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), reported Cointelegraph on May 25.

The BiTA trade association, which aims to develop blockchain applications in the transport and logistics industries and establish standards is now composed of 250 members.

NSC is a major carrier of coal, automotive, and industrial products in the eastern U.S. and its railway divisions runs 19,500 route miles in 22 eastern US states. The subsidiary also serves all of the major eastern US container ports.

Chris Burruss, BiTA president mentioned that Norfolk Southern’s new membership “brings a level of intermodal and rail expertise to the Alliance that will benefit all members … [as we] work toward common blockchain standards that will define the future of freight movement.”

Other big corporations have already joined the Alliance such as shipping giant FedEx, GE Transportation, and UPS.

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