Circle Launches the Full Version of Its Cryptocurrency App


Circle launches the full version of its cryptocurrency app, reported Coindesk on May 22.

The payment startup was launched in March 2018 and unveiled the full version of its cryptocurrency app on Tuesday, including all of its services. Circle announced it was adding monero and zcash to its crypto assets at the beginning of May. The startup was also granted a BitLicense allowing Circle to establish its app in 46 U.S. States in March 2018.

The latest feature that was added to the app is the “Buy the Market” tool designated for new users.

Rachel Mayer, Circle senior product manager, mentioned,

“‘Buy the Market’ is the culmination of all we’ve been doing since the soft launch. […] “It’s trying to solve the problem of signing up and trying to be a newbie investor and you’re not sure how much to put in and where and why. ‘Buy the Market’ is just a very easy way to invest in the seven supported assets on Circle Invest, you choose the funds you’d like to invest in, and we do the rest. We automatically divide the investment into each specific coin market cap waiting and you can purchase the coin instantly.”

“The focus is the market,” she added.

The app will differ from the others as there will not be any fixed fees charged on top so only a markup fee will be charged.



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