Cryptocurrency “Will Play a Role” in the Future, Says JPMorgan Co-President


Jerry Pinto, JPMorgan co-president said that cryptocurrency “will play a role” in the future, confirming that the banking giant was “looking into” the bitcoin space, reported Cointelegraph on May 16.

He also expressed that JPMorgan can already trade Bitcoin futures but no action has yet been taken to make this possible.

“We are looking into that space. I have no doubt that in one way or another, the technology will play a role. If we need to clear futures of bitcoin, can we do it? Yes. Have we done it? No.”

Even if the banking giant has banned its customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit cards, senior executives of the company talked about the benefit of the blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

He also convinced that the future economy will be integrating characteristics and features of cryptocurrency.

He said,

‘The tokenization of the economy, for me, is real. Cryptocurrencies are real but not in the current form.”



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