Amazon Web Services Team Up With ConsenSys To Make Enterprise Blockchains Easier


Amazon Web Services (AWS) team up with ethereum’s Consensys to make enterprise blockchains easier and much faster to implement, reported Coindesk on May 15.

Kaleido, the two agencies’ firm business blockchain cloud service which was announced at Consensus 2018, wants to simplify the imminent process for enterprise consortium members as well as facilitating private blockchain networks’ operations.

The global technical lead for AWS’ partner program, Matt Yanchyshyn mentioned,

“We have been following ethereum closely as it’s what many of our customers have been exploring, especially for enterprise use cases.”

He added that AWS can also support Hyperledger’s Sawtooth and R3’s Corda platforms.

Amazon will now collaborate with one major organization in the ethereum community. “Working with ConsenSys will allow us to further understand customer needs and help accelerate their blockchain efforts,” Yanchyshyn expressed.

The enterprise blockchain business development lead at ConsenSys, Michael Dickson mentioned,

“This is great when you are starting out and you are experimenting, but it will only get you so far. What we are seeing now is enterprises really have an appetite to try to get their projects all the way to production.”

Their platform also allows a “state relay” between a private chain that many enterprises can set up and operate together.

Dickson said,

“This allows you to configure a time interval and based upon the time interval, it aggregates together hashes and writes those up to the mainnet, so on the public blockchain. So you get this permanent data point out on the mainnet that is irrefutable and acts as an objective arbitrator should a disagreement appear on the private chain.”







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