Cryptocurrencies Have the Ability to “Fuel a Potential New Internet,” Says Reddit Founder


Cryptocurrencies have the ability to “fuel a potential new Internet,” mentioned Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Founder at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, reported Coindesk on May 9.

Ohanian thinks a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin could act as a “store of value not backed by a single country.” He also expressed that the real economic value of cryptocurrencies comes from its ability to secure and transfer assets internationally, more specifically for countries that are still in development with a lack of economic stability.

Ohanian mentioned,

“In so many states, there are uncertainties about government and money. And people see their lives savings disappear. There’s a real value of having a currency that as volatile as bitcoin is are still potentially less volatile than some of the states that see hyperinflation. […] For so many people in the world to have that security of knowing what’s yours is yours because it cryptocurrency is now digital, it can be transferred with you wherever you are going – is actually pretty empowering.”





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