China’s Security Ministry Created a Blockchain-Based System to Secure Evidence Collected


China’s Security Ministry created a blockchain-based system to enhance the security of evidence collected through police operations, reported Coindesk on May 9.

To improve the transparency and tamper-proof deposition procedure, the ministry filed a patent application near the end of 2017 for a distributed ledger system that timestamps and record data, so that evidence can’t be altered, according to data released by China’s Intellectual Property Office on May 8.

With the current centralized system, it is easier to modify the data and the information stored in the system, which is why China’s Ministry of Public Security believes a decentralized system would be more efficient.

The deposition data of the new blockchain-based system would only be timestamped and stored on the blockchain after getting multi-signature confirmations from both parties involved in the transaction.

China is open and sees a lot of potential in the blockchain technology as it is the country that had the most blockchain patent applications in 2017.

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