Thailand’s Stock Exchange Launches a Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Marketplace


Thailand’s Stock Exchange (SET) launches a blockchain-based crowdfunding marketplace to help domestic companies to have access to capital fundings, according to a Stock Exchange of Thailand release published on May 4.

The main purpose of this project called “LiVE” is to encourage innovations and help new startups to grow. Currently, eight companies joined the project and fifty other companies will further join the initiative.

Kesara Manchusree, SET’s president expressed in the announcement,

“SET is determined to offer growth opportunities through the creation of a
complete startup ecosystem, inclusively from the business management education
for startup and SME entrepreneurs, to assistance in connecting with
institutional and accredited investors. “LiVE” platform will be a key mechanism
to help drive forward Thailand’s growth especially enabling startups and SMEs to
have more financial accesses through crowdfunding. Businesses can utilize LiVE
to promote to a wider target group while using partnership to expand customer

This platform can support institutional investors, venture capital, corporate venture capital and investors with an annual income of more than $4 million with at least one year of investing experience.

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