Kenya Is Planning to Use Blockchain For Land Ownership

Kenya using blockchain for Land Ownership

Kenya is planning to use blockchain for land ownership since it is very difficult in certain countries to prove ownership of land through title due to corruption, reported Newsbtc on May 7.

Kenya is one of the most developed countries in Africa but still has some corruption problems including ‘double ownership’ of land concerns. This problem occurs often in Africa since the property is an important store of wealth.

Since there is still a lot of corruption in the bureaucracy, it is quite simple for someone to pay an official to falsify documents or change them.

Joseph Mucheru, Kenyan Minister of Information is in charge of assembling a team that will look out how AI and blockchain can help put an end to this type of corruption.

Mucheru expressed that using a blockchain-based platform will enhance “security, efficiency, and transparency.”

Bitangee Ndemo, the leader of the initiative mentioned,

“We missed the internet wave, caught up with mobile technology… blockchain is the next wave – and we must be part of it.”

World Bank research indicates that approximately 70% of the world’s population lack access to proper land titles, so the use of the blockchain could solve a major international problem.

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