Iceland’s 600 Bitcoin Miners Missing Might Be in China

Iceland 600 missing miners

Iceland’s 600 bitcoin miners missing might be in China, reported Coindesk on May 7.

According to Xinhua News, due to an unusually high electricity consumption, authorities in Tianjin confiscated the 600 machines. Icelandic’s authorities sent Chinese police an inquiry after the machines were seized, according to RUV.

The people running this mining farm short-circuited their electricity meter to avoid paying bills for the energy used to power this mining farm. It is possibly the “largest power theft case in recent years,” expressed the Chinese news outlet, adding that also eight high-power fans were seized.

According to Xinhua News, the electricity meter, which was not touched, recorded “hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

It is still unknown if the machines that were confiscated in China are the ones that were stolen in Iceland. The owner of the machines offers a $60 000 reward for anyone who has information that would lead to the stolen computers.




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