CoinMarketCap Releases Its First Mobile App

CoinMarketCap Mobile App

CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data site announced it would release its first mobile app, according to a company post on May 1.

This news comes in as the company is celebrating its five year anniversary. The website is currently tracking more than 1500 cryptocurrencies for a total of $400 billion USD in market cap.

According to Amazon’s Alexa, CoinMarketCap is the 174th most visited website in the world with approximately 60 million daily visits since the beginning of 2018.

“The space has really evolved in the past five years and so have we,” mentioned Brandon Chez, CoinMarketCap CEO. “So we thought for this anniversary, it would be nice to do something big for our users.”

The crypto data site created a new logo representing its principal values, which are simplicity and accuracy.

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