European Commission Will Fight False Information with Blockchain

Blockchain Fake news

The European Commission (EC) announced that it will fight false online information with the blockchain technology, reported Cointelegraph on May 1.

The EC announced that it will launch the Code of Practice on Disinformation during the summer of 2018, in which the blockchain technology will play a crucial role.

In a recent EC press release, it is considering the blockchain technology as one “emerging technologies which are changing the way information is produced and disseminated, and have the potential to play a central role in tackling disinformation over the longer term.”

The technology could have a huge impact on fighting fake news since it brings much more transparency, reliability and traceability in the process.

The press release stated that the blockchain “can help preserve the integrity of content, validate the reliability of information and/or its sources, enable transparency and traceability, and promote trust in news displayed on the Internet.”

The blockchain technology is an excellent tool to fight fake news.

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