UNICEF Is Mining Digital Currency As a Donation For Children


UNICEF announced that it launches “The HopePage” project, which consists of mining digital currency to be used as donations for children, reported ITNews Australia on April 30.

The United Nations Children’s Fund’s initiative (UNICEF) will “allow Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online.”

Their project is generating sums of money instantly for UNICEF Australia with some of the website user’s computer processing power.

The blockchain-based platform is powered by AuthedMine, a version of Coinhive API which is mining the Monero cryptocurrency through a browser.

“The idea was that considerate website owners would use this more ethical API instead, so that their visitors can knowingly opt-in or out before engaging in crypto-mining,” mentioned researchers at Malwarebytes.

The Charity organization also stated that users were able to “select how much compute power they are willing to donate to the mining, safe in the knowledge the process will not store any personal information.”

Also, the longer users keep the website open, the more cryptocurrency is raised for children.

“The longer you stay on the page and the more processor power you donate, the more algorithms get solved, which earns cryptocurrency,” said the Charity.

Users have the ultimate power in their hands and can decide what they want to do.

Tony Andres Tang, Unicef Australia’s digital engagement and content manager expressed,

“We are transparent in the fact we are borrowing a computers’ processing power, and provide the ability to choose how much power is donated. […] The HopePage is entirely user initiated, and they have the ultimate power to decide whether to participate or not.”

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