The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Will Release Blockchain Standards For Businesses in 2018

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) will release a list of blockchain standards for businesses in 2018, reported Coindesk on April 19.

A founding board member of the 450-member group including JPMorgan and UBS, Jeremy Millar, explained the progress made by the consortium since it was founded in 2017 onstage at Blockchain Expo in London.

He mentioned that it is necessary to set common standards for the blockchain technology to be massively adopted worldwide.

“We need interfaces to plug into. Now, this might sound boring,” he said.”It might not be top of mind for developers looking to launch a white paper and promote their ICO on Telegram.”

Millar also expressed that the group has now 15 employees working on architecture and technical specifications and that the addition of Ron Resnick, which is the former WiMAX Forum president, will help the consortium as he will be the new EEA executive director.

He told the audience that the EEA has made improvements concerning the establishment of standards on smart contracts.

“Next phase will be a testnet. And once we start seeing code coming out, we need certification,” Millar said.

He concludes his speech by telling the audience a group effort is primordial:

“Let’s do this together as a community because we will all benefit from it. I urge you to take part in our network, it’s very affordable to join.”