The Winklevoss Twins File a Patent for Digital Transactions

Winklevoss twins blockhain

The twin brothers Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss were accorded a patent in one of their company to enhance security of digital transactions, reported Coindesk on April 11.

Tuesday, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a patent application to the Winklevoss brothers. The document describes a “system, method, and program product for processing secure transactions within a cloud computing system.”

“The present invention is an improvement to computer security technology. Computer systems to date have been susceptible to attack, whether the introduction of malicious code or the unauthorized access of information, over external data connections, such as the Internet,” as stated in the patent application.

The inventors of this idea are Andrew Laucius, Cem Paya and Eric Winer.

According to the patent application, many cryptographic techniques such as digital signature and hash functions are used in this system, which aims to improve cloud-based digital asset exchange security.

“As computing systems increasingly move to distributed computing architectures, such as cloud computing, external data connections are often necessary to the functioning of the computing system.”

In 2017, China is the country who filed the most blockchain patent applications worldwide.

Recently, Ford was granted a blockchain patent application to facilitate car-to-car communication.





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