“Europe Needs Digital. We All Need Digital”- European Commission Vice-President

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Tuesday, the vice-president of the European Commission (EC), Andrus Ansip, made a speech at the Digital Day in Brussels and mentioned: “Europe needs digital. We all need digital”, according to an EC press release.

Ansip is positive regarding the potential of digital technology to disrupt many industries. He wants Europe to “focus on artificial intelligence (AI), digital healthcare and blockchain technologies.”

The French finance minister is another European politician who believes in the potential of the technology.

We won’t miss the blockchain revolution,” he said.

Currently, many countries in Europe have started to build a legal framework for cryptocurrencies which is encouraging, according to Ansip.

He also thinks that Europe has a strong system on “data protection and security”, which would fit well with the digital technology.

A massive adoption might happen soon in Europe explained Ansip since “EU countries should agree on a new telecoms policy that will help 5G to become a reality for millions of people and businesses.”

He strongly believes that Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in our everyday lives and a common effort should be done by European Union (EU) countries towards AI.

He wants European governments to “sign a declaration to work together more on artificial intelligence. This includes pledges to:

–      invest in AI development and deployment;

–      align national research agendas as much as possible;

–      make AI available to all companies and more public sector data available;

–      work together on ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects of AI.”

Ansip wants to see a common effort from many EU governments to promote blockchain and AI to help these technologies become massively adopted by Europeans.

I would like to see EU countries make a similar commitment to blockchain technologies, now moving out of the lab and going mainstream. As with AI: we should make the most of this new opportunity to innovate.”

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