Deloitte Hires New Head of Blockchain Services

Deloitte blockchain services

Deloitte, the second largest accounting firm in the world, has hired a new head of blockchain services, according to Coindesk

The last person to hold the position, Eric Piscini, was replaced by Linda Pawczuk, who is the former head of Deloitte’s insurance sector blockchain projects. She will be leading Deloitte’s U.S. Financial Services Industry Blockchain group.

Chris Faile, a representative of the accounting firm said that Linda Pawczuk would work at “creating new business models, disrupting existing business processes and harvesting the underlying technologies and ecosystem players to build solutions with clients and industries.”

“We envision that this ever-evolving and nimble team will build upon our past success in helping our clients, which includes 92 percent of the financial service companies listed on the Fortune 500 list, to hone their blockchain-backed offerings,” Faile added.

Piscini, the former head of blockchain services, left the company to go work for a blockchain startup, according to Chris Faile. According to him, “when you are seen as the market leader, it’s inevitable that some leaders will decide to take on new challenges outside of the organization.”


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