Mexican Government Could Use Blockchain For Public Contracting

mexico blockchain government

The Mexican government is currently working on using the blockchain technology to ameliorate contracting processes, announced a government representative on April 5.

Yolande Martinez, the national digital strategy coordinator of Mexico, mentioned during the conference in Jalisto that she had been working on a blockchain project called “HACKMX” since September 2017. It “seeks to improve the ‘complex’ processes of public procurement that need to be transparent and visible to the entire population,” according to Debate.

She tweeted:  “With blockchain applied to public contracts we’ll be able to know whether a company that provides services to the government is trustworthy.”

This project named “Intelligent hiring” was originally developed by a group of Mexican university graduates. The Mexican government decided it was a great opportunity to enhance the security and the transparency in contracting processes.

A member of the team, Raúl Cruz explained that they “adapted this prototype to the standard of open contracting in a way that gives greater confidence and security to the bidding processes.”

“This technology allows eliminating the human part, which is easily corrupted, and he added that no official will access the information, in addition to the fact that the evaluators have no contact with each other or with the companies.”

In the next month, tests will be conducted, but nothing was revealed concerning technical aspects. The company plans to launch it to the public soon if the pilot program is successful.






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