Coinbase Hires Another Wall Street Executive

Coinbase Wall Street executive

Coinbase hired another Wall Street Executive to help the company reach institutional markets, reported Newsbtc on April 4.

Christine Sandler, the new Coinbase employee is a former global head of sales for NYSE Euronext desk and will be working as  the director of institutional sales.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform has been working hard recently to bring more corporate investors in the cryptocurrency market, as it also hired a former member of the New York Stock Exchange direction to its group, earlier in March.

Coinbase mentioned in a statement:

“Eric will be focused on helping serve institutional clients and deal with the increasingly complex financial and regulatory requirements of the business. Eric will also help guide the New York office’s growth across multiple business functions and assist in the development of new product offerings like Coinbase Custody.”

Coinbase recently created Coinbase Custody, which aims to attract more institutional investors. It offers the same services as a bank, but with some advantages. This program was created for corporate investors with a minimum of “$10 million in deposits and will charge a $100,000 startup plus monthly fees based on assets.”

Dan Romero, Coinbase General Manager mentioned that the company wants to hire other experienced executives and is planning to double its staff in 2018 to be able to meet the investors’ requirements.

Since there are many strict regulations in New York concerning cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is looking for experienced Wall Street executives since it is where most institutional investors are located.


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