14% of Young Japanese Employed Men are Invested in Cryptocurrency

Japanese cryptocurrency survey

In a survey of employed Japanese men, 14% of the respondents in the 25-30 years old range answered that they were invested in the cryptocurrency market, according to the results published by the online business magazine Shin R25, on April 3.

The “Questionnaire Survey on Virtual Currency” was completed by 4,734 Japanese Men from January 2018 to March 2018, according to Cointelegraph. The survey reveals that for over one quarter of the cryptocurrency invested respondents, the cryptocurrency market represents their first investment experience.

The respondents also answered questions about how much money they held in cryptocurrency. According to the findings, 34.5% have less than $469 invested in the market, while 10.2% own $9,360 or more.

47.1% of the investors questioned answered that the would “actively invest” in the future and 35.4% said that they “do not intend to continue investing.”

Because of the Coincheck (Japanese cryptocurrency exchange) hack, Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges and companies had decided to form a self-regulatory body in February.

The Japanese government has also started to evaluate cryptocurrency companies based on security and transparency and has even cracked down on two cryptocurrency exchanges in the beginning of March.


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