Blockchain Elections Are The New Trend

blockchain elections

With the recent scandal concerning the false blockchain electoral votes in Sierra Leone, the possibility for blockchain elections have been talked about in media all around the world. Those are the places where (real) blockchain elections have taken place.

Russia Blockchain Elections

Russia is the first country to officially collect the population’s opinion by utilizing blockchain. Moscow’s municipal government launched a platform built on Ethereum that allow the citizens of Moscow to vote for legislation and issues from their mobile phones or computers.

This platform also makes the voting process completely transparent and practically unhackable.

The head of Russia’s Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, announced that she was looking to introduce a blockchain-based system that will protect the electoral results to be hacked or manipulated.

“I will discuss this issue with the president … there is a public demand for it. We have refurbished everything we could before the latest election, but now as the election is over we have to act preemptively. I want to make a system that has no analogue, a system based on blockchain. This is my ambition,” Pamfilova stated.

West Virginia Blockchain Elections

Last Week, the West Virginia state government announced that it was trialing a new blockchain-based platform for mobile electoral voting.

The secure application will be used for soldiers deployed from West Virginia that wish to vote for the May 8 state elections.

The West Virginia Secretary of State, Mac Warner, stated:

“West Virginia is taking the lead in providing safe, secure and accurate voting systems to encourage voter participation at every level. […] We’re working hard to increase the level of confidence citizens have in our election process. Increased confidence results in increased participation.”




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