Five Healthcare Giants Will Use Blockchain

blockchain healthcare data

Humana, Multiplan, UnitedHealthcare, Optum and Quest Diagnostics, five leading healthcare organizations, announced today that they will be running some tests to utilize blockchain for their databases.

According to the press release, the companies are looking to use blockchain to have better and overall cheaper data.

“They are launching a pilot program applying blockchain technology to improve data quality and reduce administrative costs associated with changes to health care provider demographic data, a critical, complex and difficult issue facing organizations across the health care system,” the statement reads.

The main advantages of the blockchain they are targeting is accuracy and cost.

“The pilot will examine how sharing data across health care organizations on blockchain technology can improve data accuracy, streamline administration and improve access to care.”

“The pilot will also address the high cost of health care provider data management, testing the premise that administrative costs and data quality can be improved by sharing provider data inputs and changes made by different parties across a blockchain, potentially reducing operational costs while improving data quality.”

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