Romania Launches Blockchain Organization

Romania Blockchain

Recently, there has been a growing interest and acceptance regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency around the world. Romania decided to follow this direction by launching the first non-governmental organization (NGO) for blockchain called the “United Blockchain Association of Romania (UBA – RO),” reported Bugetul

The UBA-RO president, Andrei Stănică stated,

“Our organization aims to provide an umbrella to support the common interests of those who are actively involved in this field in a formal manner. We want to unify the ad-hoc groups and create a strong coalition that will be the interface in direct communication with the Government, the Parliament, the NBR and the ASF.”

The United Blockchain Association, as a primary goal, wants to inform “the Romanian public properly, educating it, and providing the necessary tools to invest safely in a friendly legislative environment.”

The association’s mission is to create a regulated and safe environment for the individuals that want to participate in a blockchain project to help the technology evolve.

In that mind set, the president of the UBA-RO mentioned,

“The ultimate goal of our initiative is to create a functional blockchain ecosystem that provides a safe, regulated and predictable environment for the interested actors to contribute to the development of this field in our country.”

In 2018, many well developed countries are analyzing the impact of the blockchain on different industries at a national level. Countries such as China, Japan and South Korea are also looking to establish a regulated framework to increase the stability of the market.






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