Japanese Luxury Car Dealer to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Luxury car dealer bitcoin payment

A Japanese luxury car importer and vendor called L’Operaio will be partnering with bitFlyer to add a Bitcoin payment option, according to Coindesk.

BitFlyer, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, already has retail partnerships. However, most of these partnerships have maximum payments limited to $2,760.

In their announcement, bitFlyer stated that for this particular partnership, clients will be allowed to make purchases as high as $1 Million.

The new payment option will first be implemented in the Nerima, Setagaya, and Aoyama dealerships in Tokyo. L’Operaio plans on making it available in all of their storefronts across Japan in the future.

According to Coindesk, bitFlyer has already integrated their wallet and payment solution to many Japanese retailers such as Bic Camera, Yamada Denki and Marui.




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