14 Organizations Join Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

Ripple Joins Hyperledger

Hyperledger has announced today that 14 companies will join its consortium, including Ripple, reported Hyperledger on PR Newswire.

The 14 new members are: Beijing Truth Technology, Blockchain Technology Partners, CULedger, Greenstream Technology, KompiTech, MATRIX Foundation, REMME, Ripple, Shenzhen Rongxun Technology, Spin Systems, Versia and Xiilab Co.

With this addition, Hyperledger has increased its community, now totaling more than 230 companies across the world.

Hyperledger’s Executive Director, Brian Behlendorf is positive regarding the evolution and the future of its organization.

“The accelerating pace of growth and adoption of Hyperledger across industries and geographies underscores the power of our community and the technologies it is building,” he expressed.

The main purpose of the company is to “enable organizations to build robust, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions by creating enterprise-grade, open source distributed ledger frameworks and code bases,”as the company stated.

It is an international group composed of dominant companies in their industry such as manufacturing, finance, technology and supply chain.

Ripple CTO, Stefan Thomas is also optimistic concerning the deal, as reported in a statement.

“Through our partnership with Hyperledger, developers will be able to access Interledger Protocol (ILP) in Java for enterprise use.”

March has been a busy month for Ripple. A few weeks ago, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap announced that 61 Japanese banks would use its mobile payment app. A few days earlier, Fleetcor Technologies also announcesthat it would use one of Ripple’s platform.

Earlier this week Ripple reported it had partnered with Santander, one of the world’s largest bank.

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