UK Charity Will Use Blockchain to Enhance Trust in the Donation Process

UK Charity Blockchain

English Heritage, A UK Charity, is an institution taking action to preserve historical sites. The charity plans to use the blockchain technology to bring trust and a better communication with donors, according to Coindesk.

The charity organization will partner with Giftcoin platform to be able to track donations from the moment they are given to the moment they are spent.

According to affirmations, English Heritage has raised approximately $3.5 million between 2015 and 2016.

Initially, it was a non-departmental public body of the UK government with the same name, but was later split into two groups, which makes the UK charity a relatively young independent entity.

Luke Purser, the English Heritage development director told Coindesk in an email that its charity institution wants to use blockchain to facilitate a better communication with donors.

“As a new charity, we’re keen to explore innovative ways of engaging with the broadest audience of donors possible, and we’re keen to build relationships with donors based on trust and transparency – Giftcoin might be one way of helping us to do this,” he expressed.

Giftcoin also mentioned it is planning to use the technology to encourage millennial donors  “in a digital age where trust, in charity and good causes, seems to be at an all-time low.”


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