JD to Launch a Blockchain Platform

JD Blockchain

China-based e-commerce giant JD announced what an innovative project that is coming up for the company in their whitepaper.

The document mentioned exactly what the agency wants as a result of the launch of its new  blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) platform.

JD’s blockchain-based platform will give a multitude of tools to allow others to develop their own application in different sectors such as big data, data tracking, security, public services, supply chain, fraud prevention in insurance,  government taxation and authenticating charity donations, financial settlement and securities remittance.

According to the white paper,

“JD is actively building and opening up its own BaaS platform in bid to let the government, logistic industry, financial institutions and other enterprises to launch blockchain applications.”

Recently, JD has been active regarding blockchain developments. Earlier this month, JD announced it will use a blockchain platform for beef import products.


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