Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Classes Are Being Integrated in Universities

Blockchain universityThe crypocurrency market is not just interesting to investors, but it has also gained a massive popularity from younger people such as college students. This is why certain universities are offering blockchain and cryptocurrency courses. 

According to CNBC, many top univerisites in the U.S. have started to give lessons on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology such as Stanford, Duke and the MIT.

The co-director of the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts and professor at Cornell talks about the impact of the blockchain and its rapid growth and evolution.

“Blockchains have created a sea change in the relationship between academia and industry. Suddenly topics that were once of purely academic interest have become an integral part of the latest technologies and systems, a phenomenon that has drawn academic researchers into the vortex of change,” he said.

The demand for these courses has increased drastically recently and there are even waiting lists in some universities. The U.C. Berkeley has created a course called “Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business, and Law,” which is the first course to ever combine knowledge of  the three departments: engineering, law and business.

The same university has also created a group of students to do research on blockchain. The membership process requires to go through a multiple round system. This year, only 4% of the applicants were retained because of the large number of applications.

Many students in the programs are not really interested in the financial potential of the technology, they rather view blockchain as a tool they can use to revolutionize the world.

“I’m more motivated by building something that will change the world,” says Noah Johnson, a 6th year Ph.D student.


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