Jane Street Capital is Adding Bitcoin to its Traded Assets


The “secretive” Wall Street firm Jane Street Capital, who trades approximately $13 billion in equities every day, announced that Bitcoin will be added to its traded assets, stated Business Insider on March 17th.

“Jane Street trades over 56,000 products globally across a wide variety of asset classes, including Bitcoin,” stated the company.

According to Business Insider, the company that was created in 2000 started trading cryptocurrency in 2017. During that year, the total trades of the company were worth $5.6 trillion, as stated in their website.

Jane Street Capital also mentioned that it will continue to be following the evolution of the cryptocurrency market and be involved.

“Jane Street has always taken a considered approach to trading opportunities and will continue to do so. As more cryptocurrency products emerge, we expect to be involved.”

In December 2017, Bill Miller,  Bill Miller, the founder of a large hedge fund, said he believed in a great future for cryptocurrency , which is in the same mindset as Jane Street Capital.


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