Moscow’s Municipal Government Announces it Will Launch Digital Blockchain Voting


A blockchain-based voting platform will now be used in Moscow to help transparency in communication and voting. 

Moscow’s municipal government announced today that it has launched Digital Home, a service made for neighbors allowing them to vote and communicate electronically on concerns such as hiring someone to repair or renovate something.

The service is run on Active Citizen, which is an electronic voting platform running on Ethereum.

According to a press release published on Wednesday, there are between 5000 to 7000 thousand face-to-face meetings each year within the residents, which makes the meetings difficult to set in this busy urban environment.

Andrey Belozerov, an advisor to the chief information officer of Moscow mentioned,

“We believe it’s essential to build a convenient environment to allow neighbors to influence the neighborhood they are living in […] The pace of life in [big cities] imposes its conditions and it is rather difficult to find a suitable time for everyone and schedule a meeting between neighbors offline.”

Moscow’s city’s public statement said,

“Once the vote is placed, it will be listed in a ledger consisting of all votes [that have] taken place across a peer-to-peer network […] It will guarantee that the data will not be lost or altered by someone after the vote was casted so there is no chance for fraud or third-party interference.”

Sierra Leone also took a decision in the same mindset regarding electoral voting.


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