NYSE Senior Finance Employee Will Help Coinbase Grow Their Products


The giant trading exchange Coinbase announced on Thursday that it was hiring a former member of the New York Stock Exchange direction.

Eric Scro, a finance veteran who previously worked for the NYSE and JP Morgan, will now be Coinbase’s financial Vice President. Scro will work on developing patnerships and clients for the company.

Coinbase mentioned in a statement,

“Eric will be focused on helping serve institutional clients and deal with the increasingly complex financial and regulatory requirements of the business. Eric will also help guide the New York office’s growth across multiple business functions and assist in the development of new product offerings like Coinbase Custody.”

Eric Scro is the newest addition to the Coinbase team, which had already hired two other high-profile people recently. In January, Coinbase hired a former Twitter employee named Tina Bhatnagar to improve their customer support. The company also stated this week that it had hired LinkedIn executive Emilie Choi to lead acquisition efforts.

One of the ways Coinbase plans on expanding their customer base is by launching innovative projects. A good example is the cryptocurrency index fund they launched earlier this week.

There are more experienced labor than ever in the cryptocurrency market. Many employees that were working for large corporations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, etc. are now applying their knowledge to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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