IBM Claims That it has a Minimum of 63 Clients For Their Blockchain Services


Thursday, IBM said to investors that it has more than 63 clients on its blockchain platform.

The blockchain solution IBM offers is popular with their corporative customers, as stated on the investors briefing published on March 8th.

IBM’s blockchain has already big corporate clients such as Nestle and Walmart, and also trade companies and banks that are using its blockchain-based application.

There is an increasing amount of companies that are starting to use the blockchain technology as a new tool for payments and trades.

Currently, a minimum of 63 IBM customers are using more than 400 blockchain-based projects, as mentioned in the briefing. In these 63 companies, 25 are in global trade, 14 in food tracking, and 14 in global payments. Nestle, Walmart, Visa, and HSBC are big well-known clients of IBM. With IBM’s big clients supporting the blockchain technology, we can see that industry leaders are optimistic regarding the potential of the technology.

Blockchain,  the underlying technology to most cryptocurrencies is a decentralized ledger, all the transactions are recorded and irreversible. That makes the blockchain-based applications trustworthy and transparent.

IBM’s product is built on the Hyperledger Fabric, which is an open-source blockchain that is using “permissioned networks.” That means some of the data on the blockchain will be accessible publicly, while other data will be only accessible only to members with an access code.

According to Business Insider, in global shipping, IBM’s clients include Maersk, Du Pont and Dow Chemical. Its food trust customers include Walmart, Nestlé, Kroger and Unilever. Its global payment customers include Visa, the Polynesian payments company KlickEx, EarthPort, Nab,, BBVA and CIBC. And in trade finance, IBM’s customers include Societe General, WeTrade, HSBC, Unicredit, and Santander.


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