Huawei Wants to use Blockchain for Intellectual Property Rights


The Chinese-based technology Giant Huawei seeks patent regarding a blockchain for intellectual rights property.

Tuesday, the China’s State Intellectual Property Office released the telecom company’s patent application detailing “an invention that claims to add a verification feature to a peer-to-peer content distribution network powered by blockchain technology,” reported Coindesk.

According to the Huawei intellectual property patent, “the system would store verification information for digital content on a blockchain. When parties initiate download requests over the peer-to-peer network, the system matches their private keys or licenses for accessing the content with the verification information.”

The blockchain will allow the download, only through a mutual agreement validating the request, the filing says. The Shenzhen-based giant says that the technology is a great idea for storing and securing data detailing intellectual property rights for digital content throughout a decentralized network.

It is still not sure if the patent office will accept their application, but that shows their interest towards the applications of the blockchain. Also, Huawei is using Hyperledger’s Sawtooth software in order to create a decompiler.




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