How Blockchain Will Improve Voting Security


On a blockchain, every transaction is recorded on the ledger which makes the system very secure and trustworthy. Everyone connected to the network can access and verify the recorded transactions, which makes the technology very transparent.

During the voting procedure, every vote would be associated to one individual. Any litigation regarding the votes or the process would simply be verified on the ledger, which would practically eliminate voter fraud.

The votes of each individual would be publicly available but relalted to an encrypted key of many random numbers and letters, which would make voter’s identity anonymous. It would also diminish the possibility of voter suppression and enhance privacy and security.

Another interesting feature of the blockchain technology is its immutability. Since the record on the ledger can’t be modified there won’t be anymore history of lost or missing  vote. All of the ballots would then be final, open-source and secure.

The most important advantage the blockchain technology has over the current election system is its decentralization. The ledger is distributed amongst many computers on a public network, so the data is not stored only in one location.

It would be almost impossible to hack the blockchain-enabled election system since the only way for a hacker to succeed is by hacking the majority of the blocks on the chain. That would be very difficult because an election blockchain would have an enormous amount of blocks.

There are also two other major concerns in the election system happening frequently that can be avoid: voter fraud and voter access.

The co-founder of Tokenbox, Vladimir Smerkis, mentioned to Huffington Post,

“Nothing is totally secure and blockchain has vulnerabilities like any other system.

He concluded the interview by saying:

“We have to come up with a better system. Blockchain is that system.”

Certain countries such as Estonia, Danemark and Iceland have already adopted the blockchain technology in their election process and other similar initiatives are being born in U.S. recently with companies like Follow My Vote and and Voatz.


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  1. How on earth can you not have mentioned Horizon State and MiVote in your article?
    These are surely the most advanced in this field of blockchain voting with some very big news coming down very soon. There will be numerous countries involved with them within the next year or two.

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