Google is Killing the Cryptocurrency Market


On the Internet, there are many companies that have a lot of success but one of the top enterprises of the Internet is surely Google. The giant Internet firm has no specific rules regarding cryptocurrency and ICO advertisements.

However, cryptocurrency investors and companies are worried that Google will go in the same direction than other internet giants such as Facebook who banned crypto ads and Youtube who banned accounts from channels that discuss cryptocurrencies. Companies who wish to advertise cryptocurrencies and ICOs on the Google ads platform are reporting difficulties and refusals.

A lot of Google AdWords clients such as marketing, advertising and PR firms, reported a huge drop in Google’s performance in advertising for client offering cryptocurrency services. Also, these customers have a limited amount of cryptocurrency-related advertissements they can show.

The Finnish blockchain startup Lamium wanted to advertise its platform on the search engine, but its advertisements were shut down, and also its Google Ads Account. That phenomenon also happened to other companies such as Crypto Bot Settings.

Google support tell its client that in its advertising policy, nothing is mentioned regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs. All of the advertisement campaigns targeted by the crackdown have thing in common; they are all cryptocurrency-related.

It is not only in advertising where cryptocurrency-related gets restricted, but also for Youtube vloggers. Vloggers talking about cryptocurrencies gets many restrictions such as demonetizing, not allowed to film live videos and plenty of others.

A protest movement has started with the hastag #YouTubePurge. A big cryptocurrency podcast name Bad Crypto that is one of the most viewed and listened on Youtube has been restricted and since one week it is impossible to find it on Youtube.

One explanation to what is happening to cryptocurrency-related channels and promoters is that Google wants avoid all fake news, malicious ads and crypto mining scams. Also, Twitter announced a move in the same direction earlier this week, which probably affected Google’s algorithm.

The most common interpretation is that Google is careful regarding ads coming for cryptocurrency advertisers. When it is related to to cryptocurrency agencies, Google’s approach looks less permissive than firms in other industries.


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