Coinbase Will Not Be Adding Ripple

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Ripple (XRP) is currently the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap and there has been many posititve announcements recently regarding important partnerships. There are rumors concerning the possibility for Coinbase to add Ripple to its exchange.

Monday afternoon, the cryptocurrency exchange mentioned in a statement that it was not planning to list other cryptocurrencies.

“We have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or  Coinbase.

According to CNN, one of the top five Korean banks has just completed a second phase of a Ripple-based trial.

The speculations regarding the possible listing of Ripple on  Coinbase caused a surge in the price of Ripple on Monday. The cryptocurrency’s price increased by almost 15%.

Today, Coinbase President Asiff Hirjiis and Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse are appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money.

Coinbase doesn’t seem to be planning adding another cryptocurrency to the exchange. Currently, the four cryptocurrencies on Coinbase are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


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