More Investments in Blockchain Companies Than in 2017


According to a report released by Crunchbase News on Feb. 27, the amount raised by venture capital for blockchain-based companies so far in 2018 has already reached more than 40 percent of last year’s total.

Crunchbase News made a list of all the companies already categorized on their site as related to  “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” “Blockchain,” “Cryptocurrency,” and “Virtual Currency,” to include in their data analysis. The key words “digital currency” and “utility token” were also added to their search.

The total number of companies in the analysis of Crunchbase News, including the ones that led to ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) is approximately 2900.

Further more, Crunchbase noted that even with the ups and downs of Bitcoin’s price, venture investments have still increased considerably.

Here is a graph showing all the venture investment in 2018 in “Blockchain and Blockchain-Adjacent Startups,” excluding ICOs:


The data presented by Crunchbase News shows a combination of mainstream investors and more venture firms specialize in blockchain. The Digital Currency Group is an example of “vertical-specific” firm and they announced last week that they recently invested in the crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank.


According to Crunchbase data, the countries that are the most implicated in venture investments for Blockchain and Blockchain-adjacent companies are the U.S. and the United Kingdom, with respectively 38% and 17%. There are also other countries less implicated such as Singapore and Switzerland.




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