Japanese-Based IT Firm GMO Has Already Mined More Than $3 Million in 2018


The Japanese IT firm GMO has already mined for more than $3 million since the beginning of 2018.

The IT firm mentioned it had respectively gained  23 BTC, 93 BTC and 124 BTC in December, January and February, according to a mining report released on March 5th. GMO also said it had mined a total of 525 Bitcoin Cash during the same period, which brings their revenue to a little bit more than 3 million dollars in revenue since December 2017 with the current cryptocurrency prices. However, the data GMO gave doesn’t give a clear look on all the financial aspects of the company,  since it does not give the costs required to run the miners.

The IT firm also talked about its growth in processing capacity.

According to data published by Blockchain.info , the company is planning to  reach a 3000 PetaHashes per second (PH/s) hashrate by the end of the present year.

GMO mentioned in February that it is going to work hard to offer cryptocurrency cloud mining services by the end of summer 2018.


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