Cryptocurrency Interest in Kazakhstan Raises 15-fold


According to study made by Yandex, the number of online searches related to cryptocurrencies has risen by 15 times since last year in Kazakhstan.

On a press release, Yandex stated: “In early 2018, Kazakhstan residents made about 15 times more requests with this word than in the same period of 2017.”

As for the searches with the word Bitcoin, there is still a large increase with 7 times more searches than at the same time last year.

Some of the most popular search words in Kazakhstan include cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Initial Coins Offering (ICO) and crypto mining.

Another search word that has exploded in the last year is “How to mine”, which has increased 10-fold.

The query that had the biggest increase of all is “buy graphics card”, which is often related to cryptocurrency mining.

Last month, 4 employees of the Kazakhstan Ministry of finance were caught mining cryptocurrency.



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