How to Bring More Women Into Cryptocurrency


In a Forbes interwiew, DecentraNet’s co-founder Tiffany Watson was asked about if there was a gender equality gap in the blockchain industry. She said that there is still a certain gap regarding gender equality in the market because in the beginning of cryptocurrency it was mostly guys who adopted the tech.

However, Ms Watson believes the the rapid growth and changing environment of the blockchain industry will bring more and more inclusion.

“In my experience, the community is comprised of highly conscientious individuals that sincerely strive to include women and all underrepresented groups in the industry. These efforts will naturally continue to attract more female involvement.”

During the interview, she talked about 3 ways to attract more women to the blockchain industry. According to Tiffany Watson, the most important actions to ensure the participation of women are creating new opportunities, offering a platform and focusing on cryptocurrency adoption.

New Opportunities

With the constant transformation of the blockchain industry, many opportunities and jobs are emerging for women. Until recently, most of the jobs that the industry was offering were technologists career, which was an underrepresented sector of women. With the constant evolution of the technology, there is more demand for women in certain positions in which they are often skilled such as operations, marketing, public relations, content development, and media. Also, more and more ladies are studying in technology-related programs, which will help to reduce the gender gap. The blockchain technology will disrupt many industries where women work, which might incite them to work into the blockchain industry.

Public Support

Ms. Watson believes that to demonstrate the industry inclusion and diversity in real-life, such as an events or a conference helps attracting more women to the blockchain industry.  The ones that organize and lead the events can play a crucial role to encourage the inclusion in the industry and to be able to bring more girls to speak about blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

In the interview Ms Watson explains how women leaders can have an impact on other girls.

“Our emcee, still to this day, is the very talented young woman, Naomi Brockwell, also known as Bitcoin Girl. The result was that more women leaders felt empowered by their roles as early adopters and thought leaders, and more inclined to speak at future events.”

Main Focus on Cryptocurrency Adoption

In her experience, she said that interest in cryptocurrency most of the time leads to an interest in the huge power of the blockchain technology.  It is estimated that 5 to 7% of the people working in the industry are female, which is something that is going to change in the next 5 to 10 years, she mentioned. Since cryptocurrency platforms are getting more user-friendly, Ms. Watson thinks more financial-skilled women would get into the blockchain industry, instead of only bring technical-skilled women in.

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