How Blockchain Will Transform Dating Apps


Online dating is an early 2000s invention. In its beginning, a minority of people were using this kind of app, but with the globalisation of the economy, it has become a common way to find dates and it is used all around the world. Dating Apps are platforms on which someone shows a limited amount of information about them with the goal to satisfy other people looking for dates.

New companies are bringing the idea to implement the blockchain techology with  dating apps because it would not reward people for whose profile looks the best, but with much more equality and transparency. Integrating blockchain in the app will also enhance the user experience. Two issues dating apps are facing are transparency problems and a weak matchmaking procedure.

Transparency Issues

The principal problem dating apps are facing is the lack of transparency. In real life, it is difficult to lie to someone about certain characteristics of your identity such as your physical appearance, since you are face-to-face with the person. However, on dating apps, it is a virtual world so it is much easier to presents incorrect information on your identity to attract the interest of more people.

It is difficult to trust 100% the people you are dating online, so the main concern dating apps are facing is their inability to be transparent.

On Tinder, everyone’s goal is to have the most matches possible, which increases the chance for someone to put inaccurate information or pictures if they believe it will help them get matches.

The blockchain technology could solve this transaparency problem dating apps are facing.  Blockchain technology relies on transparency and immutability, so it is much easier to verify each user’s identity. The information each user puts on the blockchain is free and remains anonymous. However, it can be verified easily by the blockchain, so it  makes it easier to verify identities. The security and the verifiability are huge advantages blockchain-enabled platforms have over traditional dating apps ecosystem.

Refining Matchmaking

Finding a match on dating apps is very difficult since it is mostly  referring you to people that live near you. Often, people will find dates with the help of their relatives or on social-media. However, it is difficult to have a match with a stranger that isn’t living in a city near yours.

A blockchain-based startup Ponder is an app that can solve this problem that traditional dating apps are unable to solve. It allows users to participate exclusively as matchmakers, to match people who they think would be a good match. People get rewarded with tokens for being helpful. With this vision, it is giving an incentive to act genuinely with others and try to match them with the best person possible. Since this model relies on transparency, everyone can trust each other since they are acting in the best interest of themselves as well as others.

The blockchain technology will possibly disrupt the dating apps industry since it has many advantages over the current model. The blockchain technology incites people to act with honesty by improving the transparency and reward models.



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