UN and Cryptocurrency Startup Blockchain Team Up


The United Nations will partner with the Cryptocurrency wallet startup Blockchain to learn more about the different applications of blockchain in different industries from natural resource conservation to the protection of democratic systems.

The partnership that was announced Thursday sees the Cryptocurrency startup Blockchain working with volunteers from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the UN Development Program (UNDP), and the Economic Forum (WEF). A whitepaper has been written for this project  concerning problems with global  partnerships are working on ways to allowed a sustainable development.

According to CoinDesk, UN representatives have talked about how blockchain could be used to provide digital identification to refugees, among other things. Cryptcurrency startup Blockchain is confident that its new whitepaper will help to solve these concerns. The company also mentioned in statement that its release “provides a first step in helping policy makers, regulators and UN Member States gain an understanding of blockchain technology.” The company’s co-founder Nic Cary will also be a new member of  the UN’s Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development.

The vice chairman of the commission, Fernandez de Cordova told in a statement,

“The future is now and it is imperative that we engage in a multi-stakeholder approach and develop transparent and replicable policy around solutions that will advance humanity and allow these technologies to drive the Sustainable Development Agenda in ways that are currently unimaginable.”

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