The 10 US Cities With the Most Cryptocurrency per Person


Status Money analysts released a new survey exposing the 10 US cities by the largest number of coins per person as of December 2017. The results might surprise you.

Here are the cities with the most cryptocurrencies per person, along with their average holdings.

  1. Jacksonville, Fla. ($31,468)
  2. Memphis, Tenn. ($15,748)
  3. Albuquerque, N.M. ($12,479)
  4. Charleston, S.C. ($9,442)
  5. Alpharetta, Ga. ($8,382)
  6. Sunnyvale, Calif. ($8,309)
  7. Santa Clara, Calif. ($8,012)
  8. San Mateo, Calif. ($7,323)
  9. Torrance, Calif. ($7,054)
  10. Manhattan, N.Y. ($7,044)

This is a surprising ranking as many people would have thought that most cryptocurrency investors would be established in large Cities like New York or in tech meccas like Silicon Valley.

With no big surprise, New York came first in the sheer number of coins held by the overall population with 6.9% of the country’s cryptocurrency. Chicago came in second with 4.9%.


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